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Tomato & Red Pepper Soup
Light and Healthy
1 tsp Olive oil
4 Fresh Tomatos
2 Red Peppers
Dried Thyme
1Tbsp Light Creme Freiche
Pinch of Paprika
Salt and Pepper to season
1tsp Sugar


Bake Red Peppers till skin can easily peel off gas mark 200 degrees, should take upto 10 mins.
Heat saucepan with olive oil and add in Chopped Tomatos with Pint of cold water.
Once Tomatos have softened, add in Thyme and Basil.
Deseed Peppers and peel skin chop and add to Tomatos.
Once heated liquidise soup with blender.
Use a sieve to than get rid of any bits on the surface.
Once soup has cooled slightly add in Paprika, Salt, Pepper and Sugar.
Finally add in Creme Freiche & serve.
Accompany with garlic bread or can be served on its own.

Preparation Time: 15 Serves: 2
Recipe Origin: United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
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