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Steamed Shreds of Bamboo Shoot, Ham, Chicken Soup
Chinese Soup
30g done bamboo shoot
15g done ham
15g done chicken meat
150g braised pork
1 dried mushroom
delicious soup
gourmet powder


1. Shred the ham into pieces 8cm long. Place them in three rows at the bottom of a bowl. Shred the bamboo shoot into pieces 8cm long. Place them in two rows between the three ham shred rows. Shred the chicken meat into pieces 8cm long. Place them in one side. Shred the braised pork. Place them in the center of the bowl. Steam it in a food steamer for about 5 minutes.

2. Braise the delicious soup with gourmet powder, rice wine to boiling, and take away oily foam.

3. Place the steamed shreds of bamboo shoot, ham, and chicken meat, etc. in the center of a tureen. Pour the delicious soup in it.

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Preparation Time: Serves:
Recipe Origin: China
Submitted by:
Weiming Zhang

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