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Slim Soup
Vegetable Soup-Eat as Much as You Like!
600 grams pumpkin
300 grams cauliflower
Add any vegetable at all(celery,
onion, boc choy, peas, beans, or herbs etc.) Remember if you add potato, sweet pot or corn, it will have more calories.
any flavouring you like (sweet chile sauce, curry, beef stock, chicken stock)-changing the flavour means you don't get tired of it.
250 grams frozen mixed vegatables
2 cups water


Microwave the mixed vegetables on high for 7 minutes. Put aside.

Put all other ingredients in a pan and boil until tender. Blend with a stick blender or other.

The cauliflower will thicken the soup. Add the mixed vegetables which will give it a chunky feel and serve.

Preparation Time: 1hr. Serves: 8
Recipe Origin: Australia
Submitted by:
Barry Butler

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