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No Measuring Hungarian Goulash
Hearty Soup can be a main course
Stewing beef-1 package
onions-1 large
Paprika(Hungarian) as it is redder in colour
Carrots_about 3 large ones
3 large potatoes
1 large green pepper
1 egg
1 tomatoe
Some wine white or red


Pour yourself a glass of wine
Cut up the stewing beef so they are all pretty much the same size
Let sit while you chop up the onion into small bits
Take a soup pot and add enough oil to cover the bottom
Add onions on about medium heat and saute them
When onions are soft take pot off stove and stir in about 1 teaspoon of paprika
Add the beef, salt, green pepper(whole)and add enough water to cover, with about an extra inch
Bring to a slow boil,reduce heat so it can simmer for about 2 hrs.
By now you should be ready for second glass of wine
Peel your potatoes and carrots
cut the spuds into about 1 inch cubes and the carrots, in round circles about a half an inch in size
Add the tomato to beef mixture,as well as the spuds and carrots
Add more water to cover everything
Simmer for another hour making sure the carrots and spuds get soft
Keep tasting the broth as you may want to add more paprika,salt pepper.
Time for your next glass of wine!
Take a small soup bowl,add one egg some salt and start with one spoon of flour and start mixing until you get the consistency of a cake mixture.It can,t be too runny or to firm,you'll know!
Do you still have some wine?Here is when you will need it!
From your soup bowl,(this is so Hungarian)take a teaspoon about the size of a raisin and immerse the mixture into the pot.A spoonful at at a time.Leave the spoon in till the mixture falls off the spoon.It sounds hard but it isn't.
Let the noodles (Which is what you made)cook until soft.Taste and you will know!
That is how my Hungarian Mom taught me to make Goulash.
It has never let me down!
Serve with some great bread of you
you choice(nothing healthy of course) and have a fun evening!!
I love my Mom!

Preparation Time: 4 hrs Serves: 6-8
Recipe Origin: Hungary
Submitted by:
Eileen Cooper
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