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Murrel Fish Soup With Raw Mango
Murrels are also known as Channa fish. It is a fresh water fish endemic to tropical and Asiatic countries. Imported mainly from China, murrels are available in Chinese marts and Asian shops in US and Europe.

2 medium size live murrels.
300 grams Refined oil.
100 grams Tamarind.
2 medium size sour mangoes.
2 cups chopped onions.
6 Green chillies-half split.
2 spoons ginger- garlic paste.
12 Garlic cloves- slightly mashed.
4 spoons mustard seeds.
2 spoons red chilly powder.
3 Red chillies.
1 bunch curry leaves.
1 spoon turmeric powder.
6 cloves.
6 cardamoms.
Salt to taste.


Murrels are over slimy fish. Kill them by pounding on the head. Cut off the fins and scrap the scales. Cut into some what thin round pieces. Wash the pieces thoroughly by rubbing the sides against some rough surface using salt and water until they are slime free.

Soak tamarind in warm water, extract the juice and set aside. Peel the mangoes and slice into thin pieces.

Apply turmeric powder, red chilly powder, ginger-garlic paste and two spoons of oil to the fish pieces and marinate for thirty minutes. Grind the garlics, cloves, cardamoms, one cup of onions, 2 spoons of mustard seeds and adding three spoons of oil, into a smooth paste.

Add oil to a deep bottomed pan and heat. Splutter remaining mustard seeds. Add remaining onion pieces, green chillies and the curry leaves and fry. Now add the marinated fish pieces, mango pieces and the ground paste. Fry for about ten minutes turning the contents up and down taking utmost care to see that the fish pieces are not broken.

Now add the tamarind juice and enough salt. Allow to simmer until the dish is done.


Preparation Time: 1 Hour Serves:
Recipe Origin: India
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