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Lazy Hamburger Soup
Spicy as you want
3 to 4 lbs 80-90 per cent Lean Ground Beef
Frozen White Corn
Frozen cut Green Beans
Frozen Peas
Frozen Pearl Onions
Baby Carrots
White Onions
French Onion Soup Mix
Frozen Ochra
3 Cans Diced Tomatoes (14.5 oz)
1 Can Rotelle Habaneros
1 Large Box sliced Mushrooms
3 boxes Beef Broth


In a large stock pot cook the hamburger, drain off excessive grease when cooked.
Pour in the beef broth, rotelles and diced tomatoes with the cooked ground beef and add the onion soup mix. Stir and add seasonings of your choice.
Add in diced/sliced onions, celery and carrots.
Cook until soft, then add mushrooms and all frozen items.
Cook until all are tender.
At this point if want to make creamy can add whipping cream.
Ready to serve

Preparation Time: 1-2 hours Serves: 12
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
United States
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