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Hachee (Dutch Stew)
Stew for a Cold Winter Evening!
500 g. stewing steak
500 g. onions in small pieces
1/2 ltr. stock or stock from stock-cubes (lukewarm)
25 g. flour
1 pcs. bay leaf
1 pcs. clove
a dash of vinegar
a dash of dark sweet soy sauce pepper


Put pepper and salt on the meat, bake it until it is brown. Take it out of the pan and keep it warm. Fry the onions brown, add the flower and stir, add the stock, stir again and put the meat back in the pan. Add a dash of vinegar, a dash of soy sauce. Put the clove into the bay leaf, add. Leave it simmering for 3 hours with a lid on the pan. Remove the bay leaf from the pan, take the meat out, cut it into small pieces. Serve with boiled patatoes, applesauce, or red cabbage.
Preparation Time: 4 hrs Serves:
Recipe Origin: Netherlands
Submitted by:
Marie-Anne Bingen

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