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Erwtensoep (Split Pea Soup)
Dutch Main Course Soup
500g. split peas
2 litre water
650g uncured gammon
200g uncooked spare ribs
1 smoked Dutch sausage (rookworst)
1/2 bunch celery
1 small celeriac
1 carrot
2 leeks
black bread


Cook peas, water, gammon, and spare ribs approximately 1 1/2 hours til done. Remove the meat from the pan and cube it. Wash and chop the celery. Clean and dice the celeriac and carrot. Wash and slice the leeks. Stir the peas to a mush and add meat, whole rookworst, celery, celeriac, and leeks. Dilute with water, if necessary, and simmer 30 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Remove the sausage, slice it and return the slices to the pan.
Serve the soup the traditional way with black bread spread with mustard and filled with smoked bacon. Serve pancakes as dessert!

Preparation Time: 2 hours Serves:
Recipe Origin: Netherlands
Submitted by:
Marie-Anne Bingen

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