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Easy Lamb Stew
Lam or Mutton, Vegitebles. Gravy mixes

Mike's Lamb Stew

1 lb rare baked lamb 15
min at 400 40min per lb at 325 rub lamb with white vinager coat with garlic.
5-7 cups water
1 each brown pepper corn gravy and a light brown gravy packets.
1 Tbs Wondra gravy flour
2 cups sliced white mushrume hadfull frozen
1 1/2 cups Golden Griddle instant hash brown potato, or potato.
2 cups chopped sweet onoin
1 can corn nibblets
2 cans green beans
1 Tbsp curry curry to youre liking
1/2 Tbsp ground Tyme
1/2 tbsp ground garlic
1 Tbsp Cilanro flake
2 Chicken bullion cubes
1/2 tsp Sea salt or to liking
Salt and pepper to liking

After cooking lamb remove as mutch fat as you're liking ; dripping are not neccessary for (((GOOD GRAVY!)))

Corn chips are different experience all together .

BOIL 4 cups filtered (if you have one) water, wisk in gravy pakets and Wondra (extra gravy is for optional
toasted seasoned bread).

After packets are whisked in - add chicken cubes, dehydrated potato, shopped onion, frozen cut white mushroom.

Coook on medium high stirring occationally, until almost boiling again -- set aside,
stir in half of tyme curry and some pepper.

In a crock pot or sovetop pot, add cans of corn and beans, 3 C water, mutten, rest of curry and tyme, and
gravy mix.

In the crock cook 1 hr on high then 1 hr low to youre liking, on stove simmer 1 1/2 hr or to your liking.

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Recipe Origin: United States
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