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Dave's Five Bean Corn Chili (Mild-medium)
Slow Cooked Chili in a Crock-pot

2 lbs Ground Beef
2 lbs Light Red Large Kidney Beans
1 lb Dark Red Kidney Beans
1 lb Red small Kidney Beans
1 lb Fava Beans
1 lb Black Beans
1 can Sweet Corn
¾ Cup plain tomato sauce
18 oz. Contadina Tomato Paste
4 cups Hot Water
2/3 cup medium salsa
½ tsp Crushed red pepper (Cayenne)
1 ½ tsp Sea Salt
1 packet chili seasoning-medium
1 package oyster crackers
1 ½ lbs. Finely shredded cheddar cheese.


(David H. Smith Jr.) July 23 2010
Serves 10-12

1.)In large skillet, brown ground beef, and then add chili seasoning. Stir and mix well. Do NOT drain.
2.)Empty entire beef mixture into large crock-pot.
3.)Drain all canned beans and corn well, and add to crock-pot.
4.)Add four cups hot water.
5.)Begin to heat on High for 4 hours
6.)When mixture is hot (2 hrs.) , add all other ingredients
7.)Cook for another 2 hours, stirring occasionally
8.)Serve with oyster crackers and/or finely shredded Cheddar Cheese

Preparation Time: 3-4 hrs Serves: 10-12
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
David H Smith Jr
New York
United States
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