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Czerwony Barszcz
Beet Soup
3 beets (shreded), 3 cups of chicken stock, chicken meet (2 chicken tights), 2 small baked potatoes (diced), 1 can (14oz.)kindney beans, 1/3 cup haevy cream top make soup a little creammy, salt, pepper

I usually use Crokpot and cook soup for 6h; is better. The ordinary way is to cook this soup in a pot for about 2 hours, until all igredients are tender.

Add all ingredients to the pot. Simmer all together for 2 hours. At the end take out chicken tights, remove skin and bones,dices the chicken and return to the pot. Add salt and peper to taste, if necessary. Add heavy cream.

PS. If you do not like beet, you can process beets in food processor and add to the soup, instead shreaded beet. This is a great trick, and makes people to become beet soup lovers, even they do not like beets!

Preparation Time: 2h Serves: 4-5
Recipe Origin: Poland
Submitted by:
Agnieszka Howe

United States
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