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Cholent (Jewish Stew)
Stew for Sabbath Lunch Eaten by Jews
3 Tbls. oil
2 Tbls. sugar
6-7 peeled potatoes
half a cup of barley
cup of mixed beans
meat bones or meat chunks
1 onion
salt and pepper
3 eggs


Soak the beans in water over night so they are soft. In large pot, add the oil and sugar. Quarter the potatoes and put them in the pot. Add the beans and barley. Add the remaining ingredients. To make the cholent extra special, add the raw eggs (in their shell) and a kishke to the mixture. Cover with water and bring to boil. Cook on a low flame for 1 -2 hours. Place on the hotplate before shabbat and leave it there until you're ready to serve.

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Recipe Origin: Israel
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Virtual Jerusalem

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