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Chili Verde- Special Edition
Spicy Version
Beef (can use round steaks)
potatoes- red are best
baby carrots
onions - white are best (Vandalia)
celery (full stalk)
green beans
rotelle tomatoes (jabanero)
Canned tomatoes
pearl barley
cilantro- fresh
French onion soup mix
beef bullion cubes
extra virgin olive oil
Jabanero peppers
cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, garlic salt


Cut beef (leave some fat on for seasoning)into bite size pieces and brown in olive oil.
Put beef in stock pot after browning with all juices.

Cut up potatoes and put in stock pot filling about 1/2 way with water after putting potatoes in.

Cut up carrots and balance of vegetables and add to pot.

Finely dice 1-2 jabaneros and jalepenos then add to pot (also nice to add juice from jar of canned jalepenos)

Add bullion, soup mix, can tomatoes and rotelles.

season to taste.

When just about finished cooking, put in the barley and the chopped up cilantro- stirring ocassionally so it doesn't stick to bottom of pot.

I like to simmer for 3-4 hours, sampling the stock from time to time to get the flavor and hotness to my taste.

All quantities are subject to number of people and amounts of each item you want in each serving. I prefer a lot of everything.

This can be an expensive stew/soup, but I have always felt it was worth it.
Gets better each time reheated.

Bon Apetite

Preparation Time: 1-4 hours Serves: 2-?????
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
United States
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