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Chili Creole-Style
Tomato Meat Sauce with Beans
1 lb. ground Turkey or Ground Beef
1 can [303] crushed tomatoes
2 med yellow onions
1 med to large green bell pepper
2 Tbls. Bacon grease
2 green onion tops
2 16oz. Trappeys Dark Red kidney beans with chili sauce

2 Tbls. chili powder
6 chicken bouillion cubes
1 Tbls. thyme
1 Tbls. gran garlic powder
1 Tbls. coarse ground black pepper
salt, to taste


Method to our Madness:
Place bacon grease in a large 10 inch or more pan, with deep sides, about 6 inches or more deep. Turn stovetop to high, wait for grease to get hot and place the turkey, sprinkled with the thyme in the oil. Brown thoroughly and chop as the turkey gets firm into bite-size or smaller bits. (The object is to make the turkey look like and be in chunks as beef would appear.) Cut onions into halves, cut long ways to make long thin strips, add 3/4 of the onions to the browned turkey and saute. As the onions get translucent, add the garlic to brown. As soon as the browning process is to your taste, brown some more until almost dark, quickly add the crushed tomatoes with enough water to thin slightly. Add bouillon cubes, preheated and dissolved in water (microwave 3 minutes), and add bell pepper. Stir will and bring to a boil. Add all other spices remaining and stir well. Add the beans and all of the juice now. Simmer the whole thing for about 2 hours and taste. Add salt and more chili powder to taste. Stir. Let cool on the stove until able to refrigerate. Let sit to marry for at least 12 hours. Then reheat on stove, being real careful not to scorch the bottom, and serve hot over fresh cooked long grain rice. This is the cajun way, can be eaten without the rice if necessary!

Bon appetite!

Preparation Time: 2hrs Serves: 4-6
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
United States
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