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Chickin Lickin Tomato Soup
Very healthy and delicious on a cold night.
-However many cans of tomato soup and fill the empty tomato cans with milk
-2 fresh chives;cut
-3 sprinkles of sage
-2 sprinkles of cloves
-2/4 of a cooked chicken


Turn your heat on to medium-high or high.Add the tomato soup then add the milk.Stir it until it turns a light red colour.Rinse your chives in cold water and cut them up into small pieces.Take cold chicken and cut it up into smaller and larger pieces then add to the soup.Let simmer for 6-10 minutes and enjoy!
Preparation Time: 6-10 minutes Serves: 5
Recipe Origin: Canada
Submitted by:
Brennan Gogol
New Brunswick
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