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Saute Mandarin Fish Grains in Crab Shells
Chinese Dish!
10 river crabs
250g mandarin fish meat
crab ovum
wine vinegar
ginger juice
delicious soup


1. Take crab meat out of the shells, clean the shells. Grain the mandarin fish meat, coat them with paste made from salt, gourmet powder, egg white, water chestnut powder.

2. Saute shredded chives and ginger with pork fat, then put in crab meat and saute them until they are dry, pour in wine, salt, gourmet powder, vinegar, and pepper. Stir-fry them up. When they are cool, put them in the crab shells, seal the shells with egg paste, fry them to be done and place them in a dish.

3. Move the mandarin fish meat grains across warm salad oil in a frying pot to make them almost done, then keep them in a holed ladle to drain off oil. Make a paste with wine, gourmet powder, little vinegar, delicious soup, and pour the paste in the fish meat grains and done crab ovum, then stir-fry them several times. Place them in the dish.

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Preparation Time: Serves:
Recipe Origin: China
Submitted by:
Weiming Zhang

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