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Salmon, Garlic Fried
Fried Salmon
What you need!

2 6-8 ounce Salmon fillets
2 toes garlic
favorite fish seasonings
3 Tbls. olive oil


Seafood, Salmon, Garlic fried
From the Belile Estate Kitchens'

What you do!

First you get some large cloth napkins, cause you gonna need
them to catch them drool from the smell. Next you gonna need one of the new fangled non-stick killets, or a really good n' well seasoned iron skillet, cause them babies will stick in a heartbeat. Next you wanna marinate them fillets in your favorite Marinate, we suggest them, Herb and Garlic, from the supermarket.
Put them fillets in there for bout 3 hours prior to cooking, in the refrigerator, of course, ifn' you got one.

Now when ready to cook, put them skillet over the fire, turn on
them gas to medium, and heat up the olive oil to frying temperature.
That's when all them squiggly lines seem to appear in there. Meantime take them fillets outa the marinate, leave wet, sprinkle generous with your favorite fish seasonings' and put aside on them plate.
Now smush them garlic toes under a big knife, and throw, Carefully,
into them oil with the clothes on. After they begin to fry and the smell is divine, carefully place them fillets into the oil, skin side down. Reason for that is to cook fast, and even, over half way down, and still not burn that delicate salmon flesh. Don't worry, them skin will peel off real well when you get done frying.
Now after them fillets are turning white up to halfway through, turn them over, carefully, them oil will fry you too; and continue to
cook until the flesh, (that's them fancy word for meat) IS FLACKY.
Put the cooked fillets on a piece of them paper towel, them newspaper leaves lines of words on the meat, an allow them to loose some of them oil, now flip them over for a spell.

Now serve them fillets with:

Asparagus stalks cooked in leamon oil n' mushrooms (another recipe)

or some tossed green salad

or whatever you like with your fish.

A little wine, your choice, cause you gotta drink it, a little music,
a warm company to keep, maybe some candlelight, who knows, you might
be passing some good times, eh!
Bon Appetite'

Preparation Time: 15 minutes Serves: 2
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
United States
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