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How to Make Steamed Anglerfish
(to serve 2), 412kcals

one anglerfish(500g), bean sprouts without the roots(300g), a bundle of Minari(aromatic plant important in Korean cookery,50g),
2 spring onions sliced diagonally, 2 cups anchovy sauce, starch, 2T pine nuts

Sauce : 6T red pepper, 1T red pepper paste, 2T soy sauce, 1T sesame salt, 2T sesame oil, 1/2 cup water, 1T sugar, 2T starch, salt, kelp powder, black pepper to taste
(The letter “T” above means Tablespoon.)


Aguijjim : A Brief Introduction

Aguijjim is made of a fish called anglerfish, or “Agui” in Korean.
“Jjim,” in Korean, means a steamed dish. The dish is steamed anglerfish. The fish is chopped into bite-size pieces, steamed, and then mixed together with a hot spicy red pepper paste sauce, bean sprouts and other seafood. Until the 1940s, Agui was underestimated by fishermen because of its ugly appearance. However, as fish became scarcer, it became more valuable, even more expensive than beef. Because it likes to eat eel, shrimp and other sea food rich in protein, Agui does contain a lot of proteins, and is very tasty. This fish is also low in fat and calories, therefore it is the ideal food to maintain a healthy diet.
In addition, Agui is very chewy, going well with bean sprouts, which provide a fresh texture. Most Koreans love the hot and spicy taste of this particular dish. So, they like to mix their rice with Aguijjim sauce. For those who are not fond of spicy food, it might be a good idea to enjoy the dish separately, and always keep your glass of water handy.

How to Make Steamed Anglerfish

1.Wash the anglerfish, remove the internal organs, and chop the fish into bite-size pieces.
2.Bring the water to a hard boil with the 1T soy-bean paste.
Add the anglerfish and gently cook until tender.
3.Add the cleaned bean sprouts with 2 cups anchovy sauce in the large pot. Simmer it until tender.
4.While the bean sprouts simmer, prepare the sauce for Aguijjim; Mix 6T red pepper, 1T red pepper paste, 2T soy sauce, 1T sesame salt, 2T sesame oil, 1T sugar, 1/2 cup water well. Finally add black pepper and kelp powder to taste with salt if necessary. Check and adjust flavoring.
5.Take the anglerfish out of the liquid and put it into the pot with the bean sprouts.
Cook them in the sauce until the sauce is well-absorbed.
6.Add spring onions and Minari on top. Heat it strongly for 2 minutes.
7.Mix the 4T starch with 1 cup water and drizzle it onto the fish.
8.Garnish with pine nuts before serving.

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Recipe Origin: United States
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Snow & Sunny

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