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Fish Soup
Soup Made from Sweet Water Fish!
500 g small fresh water fish, or fish head and tail.
1- 1/2kg fresh water fish (prefer carp)
2 big onions
1 Tbls. mild paprika
1 tsp. hot paprika
1 tomato and green pepper


Fish soup

This is a famous soup, which has many variations. It is perennial favorite with tourists and Hungarians alike. The secret of good Fisherman's soup is in the preparation of Court Bouillon. Use fresh carp heads, bones and fins. The soup will be tastier if as many vegetables as possible are added to the Court Bouillon.

Clean the fish, chop the onion, slice the tomato and the pepper. Slice the carp or the 1 kg fish and sprinkle with salt.
The Court Buillon: Place the 500 g small fish, or the cleaned tail and head in the bottom of the deep pot. Put in the onion, the paprika, pepper, and the tomato too. Pour in 1.5 L. cold water, cover, and boil over strong heat about one hour. Then rub through a noodle screen. All the bones should be in the screen. This can be done a day before the soup will be on the menu.
Finish the soup: Heat to boiling the Court Bouillon. Add the sliced fish, sprinkle with salt and hot paprika to taste. Lower the heat and cook about 3-5 minutes until the meat is tender. Serve decorated with rings of green pepper.
It may happen, someone can not handle fish bones. Then you have to fillet the fish before you slice it.

Variations of Fisher man's Soup
Fisher man's Soup a` la Szeged: The preparation is the same as above but instead of just carp, four different kinds of fish are used. This results in a superior flavor. Usually, they use carp, catfish, sturgeon and pike, or perch.

Drinker's Fish Soup: Same as the first one, but bay leaf is used in, and before serving, the soup is thickened with 1 teaspoon of flour mixed in 2 dl (7/8 cup) sour cream and a small amount of lemon juice mix. The smooth mix is stirred into the hot soup. Garnish with lemon rings.

Fisher man's Soup a` la Kalocsa: Kalocsa is a city next to the Dunau river. The difference between this soup and the first one, is that noodles are added to the soup. Add the cooked hot soup noodle in the soup just before serving.

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Preparation Time: 2-3 hours Serves: 4 -6
Recipe Origin: Hungary
Submitted by:
Janos Fejes
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