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Damn Good Salmon Steaks
Damn Good Salmon Steaks
Fresh Pacific Salmon steaks
Garlic(dried or powder)
Lemon Pepper Medley


1. Cut a damn lemon in half and squeeze all the juice onto your salmon steaks.
2. Use garlic spices or dried garlic and sprinkle lightly onto steaks.
3. Sprinkle very little of pepper medley onto steaks.
4. Put on Barbeque at a medium high temperature for 3 1/2 minutes per side.
5. Salmon should be still pink when done but not translucent.
6. Serve with rice, broccoli, or your choice of veggies.
7. Drink a Gamay or light red wine with dinner.
8. Enjoy in the experience that you just had the best damn salmon steaks in North America.
9. Pacific Salmon is HIGHLY reccommended and is way better than Atlantic Salmon.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes Serves:
Recipe Origin: Canada
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