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Mama's Marinade
A sweet spicy delicious marinade recipe.
1 part Pepper
1 part Cayenne Pepper Flakes
1 part minced onions
1 part Cajun sauce of your choice
1 part Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ
1 part Tabasco Smoked Chipotle Sauce
1 part (if desired) Vodka Creme Pasta Sauce


Rub whatever food you are making with the dry rub on both sides (Pepper, Cayenne, Onions) Let sit in a glass pan for 20-30 mins unwrapped/without lid on counter or in fridge depending on when you're cooking it. If you're not cooking it for at least a few hours, leave it in the fridge, but if you're making it soon it is okay on the counter. While it sits, mix the sauce in a glass bowl. Use these sauces to your liking. If you want it to have a more barbecued flavor put more barbecue in and so on. Once the rub is done sitting, pour the sauce into the pan, and with either a sauce brush or another utensil, make sure each item is covered in sauce completely. Cover with lid/tin foil/plastic wrap, and let sit in fridge for at least 1 1/2 hours, unless you are cooking it later on. From there, you can choose how you cook the food. My suggestion would be to cook it in the oven.
Preparation Time: at least 2 hours Serves: varies on amount
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
Whitney Linn
United States
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