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Mango - Green Chilly - Ginger Pickle
**Ginger cultivation first began in South Asia and then spread to Caribbean and East Africa. Ginger is the rhizome of Zingiber plant. The characteristic flavor of ginger is caused by a mixture of zingerone, shogaols and gingerols. The pungent taste is due to nonvolatile phenylpropanoid derived compounds mentioned above. Ginger is used in the preparation of ginger tea, ginger pickle and often used as an important spice. Powdered dry ginger is used to flavor ginger bread, cookies, cakes, ginger ale and ginger beer. It is used as herbal medicine in the cure of gastric disorders, constipation and diarrhea and nausea. Ginger is contraindicated in persons suffering from gallstones as it promotes the production of bile. Ginger is supposed to have remedial effect on arthritis and also help in blood thinning and cholesterol control.

Sour Mangoes : 2 nos
Green Chillies : 1 Cup
**Ginger : 100 Grams
Turmeric Powder : 1 Spoon
Red Chilly Powder : 1 Cup
Mustard Seed Powder : 1 Cup
Mustard Seeds : 1 Spoon
Asafoeitida : 1/2 Tea Spoon
Dry Red Chillies : 4 nos
Salt : 1/2 Cup
Sesame Oil : 3 Cups
Garlic Bulbs : 1/2 Cup
Fenugreek Powder : 2 Spoons


1. Peel the mangoes and cut in to medium size pieces. Cut the green chillies, each into two pieces, Peel the ginger and cut into some what thin shreds. Combine all of them.

2. Mix the mustard seed powder, red chilly powder, turmeric powder, fenugreek powder and salt in a wide bowl. Mix well.

3. Add this powder to mango, green chilly and ginger pieces combine and mix thoroughly.

4. Add two spoons of oil to a frying pan and heat. Splutter the mustard seeds, add asafoeitida, whole red chillies and the peeled garlic bulbs. Fry moderately and add to the above mixture, Stir well up and down.

5. Add the remaining oil, mix thoroughly and transfer into a clean, dry jar.

6. Allow to settle for a couple of days before use.

Preparation Time: 1 Hour Serves: Many
Recipe Origin: India
Submitted by:
MPR. Radhakrishna

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