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Egg Sauce for Lobster & Shrimp
From Dean Richards Food Time
1 Large or 2 Medium egg yolks
3/4 cup 100% corn oil
1/4 tsp. yellow food coloring for appearance


1.) Whisk egg yolk vigorously in a medium bowl for 15 seconds.
2.) Add the food coloring.
3.) Whisk until the yolk mixture thickens and the color brightens.
4.) VERY, VERY slowly add the oil while you continue to mix vigorously until the oil is incorporated. It should take several minutes to add the oil.
5.) Serve while still warm.

As a side note: I made this recipe this past weekend and it turned out(nearly)exactly as I remembered it from the restaurant. The only difference was that I did not have corn oil so I used vegetable oil, that may have made the difference. And as far as the food coloring goes, I could have omitted it because I don't remember the sauce I had being that lemony yellow color. And lastly, I mixed this by hand with a wire whisk, I strongly recommend an electric mixer as the sauce eventually becomes VERY thick at the end of the addition of the oil.

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Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
Susan Kreger

United States
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