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Ultimate Cheese Sandwich
Not your ordinary cheese sandwich
2 slices buckwheat sunflower seed bread
Raw milk cheddar cheese (organic)
Plochman's Stone Ground Mustard
Fresh tomatoe slices
Fresh, raw onion - sliced (your favorite; white, red, sweet, yellow, Spanish, Bermuda... my choice is the Bermuda as they have the right balance of tanginess and sweetness for a sandwich)
Lettuce (or mosh... I like red leaf for this sandwich, but would willingly use Romaine, Boston, bibb, even iceberg, or any of several leafy greens/herbs)
Cucumber slices
Radish sprouts (if you are using a pungent onion, then perhaps sunflower sprouts)
Fresh ground black pepper


I have found that the best bread for this sandwich is the buckwheat and sunflower bread, but your favorite sandwich bread may be substituted. Be sure it is a hearty bread, preferrably seeded.

Place one slice of bread on a cutting board and slather liberally with mayonnaise. If you make your own mayonnaise, all the better.
Place generous slices, approx 1/2 inch thickness, of the raw milk (organic) cheddar cheese over the mayonnaise.
Next, layer on the cucumber slices, onion slices, tomato slices and sprouts on top of the cheese and add a grind of fresh black pepper.
Top the whole thing with red leaf lettuce (or substitute).
Before placing the top bread slice on your sandwich, slather a generous helping of Plochman's Stone Ground Mustard on that top slice. Substitutions for the mustard are not recommended (but I forgive you if you have a hands-down favorite).

Serve with a bottle of your favorite hand-crafted ale.

This is a meal that will carry you for HOURS!

Preparation Time: 5 mins Serves: 1
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
Bruce A. Henry
United States
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