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Smoked Bologna Special
A Great Smoker Treatment for an Inexpensive Meat.
2 lbs. bologna (in one big chunk)
a tomato based BBQ sauce of your choice (I used Pickapeppa)
a bit of cider vinegar
some mayo
sliced American cheese
Toasted bread slices of your choice, Texas toast is nice.
chow-chow is a plus for those that like it


Smoking the bologna:
Prep the smoker - temp 200-225 deg
score all surfaces of the bologna 1/4 inch in a crossed pattern.

Cut your chosen BBQ sauce with a little cider vinegar to thin it some. Cover the surface of the bologna with the cut sauce and let sit at room temp for 30 minutess or so.

Place bologna in the smoker and cook with your preference of wood at recommended temp for about 2 hours. The sauce will carmelize on the surface.

Making the sandwich:
Cut the bologna into slices (1/6th) which should be about 3/8-1/2 in thick. Apply a slice of cheese while it's warm. If you're rewarming this do it in a frying pan and melt the cheese on top of the slice.

Mix one tablespoon Mayo and one teaspoon of bbq sauce per sandwich. Stir it up good and spread on toasted bread.

Add chow-chow if yer a mind to.

This makes a killer sandwich and as an added bonus, if yer just figuring out yer smoker and blow it, you only ruined $5 worth of meat.

Preparation Time: hours and hours Serves: 6
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
Flash Gordon
North Carolina
United States
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