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mediterranean-style chicken
easy, tasty, student-friendly
4 chicken breast fillets (whole)
tin chopped tomatoes
tomato puree
onion, 3-6 cloves garlic, herbs (preferably basil or tarragon, anything green is fine)
red wine
cheese (ideally mozarella, but again, any kind is fine)


(optionally, for a little more flavour, marinade chicken breasts in olive oil, herbs, and a handful of crushed garlic cloves for an hour or so prior to cooking. not absolutely necessary, unwarranted if you're hungry now!)

dice 1 onion , a fry in a little oil. when turning translucent, add chopped tomatoes, a reasonable squeeze of tomato puree, 3-4 pinches of sugar, splash/glug red wine.
cook off at a reasonable heat for a few miniutes, then leave to simmer for another 10.

while sauce simmers, in another pan, fry the chicken. if not marinading beforehand, rub garlic and herb into the breasts before placing into pan. fry until outside is just starting to brown.

once this and the sauce is done, transfer all to baking dish (preferably oven-suitable ceramic or some similar material), cover with tin foil, and bake in oven for 20 minutes at around 180C.

after 20 minutes, remove chicken, uncover, place slices of cheese onto breasts, recover, and return to oven for at the most 5 minutes, until the cheese is melted. mmmmmm.

goes well with herby diced potato bits (bake on a metal flat, drizzled in oil and finely chopped herbs, in the oven for same length of time as entire above recipe, for convenient timing!)

Preparation Time: 1 hour Serves: 2
Recipe Origin: United Kingdom
Submitted by:
Barney McWhat

United Kingdom
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