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Saute Chicken Breast Grains
Chinese Chicken Dish!
100g chicken breast
100g margarine
water chestnut powder
cow milk
salad oil
delicious soup
egg white
pig fat
glutinous rice films
rice wine
gourmet powder


1. Grain the chicken breast, coat them with seasoning paste and move them into hot oil in the frying pot. Saute them and put in rice wine, salt, sugar, gourmet powder and place them in a dish.

2. Braise the salad oil, water chestnut powder, flour, delicious soup, milk, margarine in the frying pot. Heap them up in a dish with the frying ladle. After cooling down, knife the heap into dices, then wrap them in glutinous rice films and coat them with dry water chestnut powder.

3. Mix the flour, egg white, pig fat up into crispening paste.

4. Heat the salad oil in the frying pot, stuff the dices with the crispening paste, after deep-frying, place them in a dish.

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Preparation Time: Serves:
Recipe Origin: China
Submitted by:
Weiming Zhang

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