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Rock Cornish Game Hen
Roasted Game Hen
1 Rock Cornish Game Hen approx. 20oz.
1 Package of Mahatma Wild Rice
Cavenderís Greek Seasonings
2 Sticks Butter
Ground Thyme


From the Belile Estate Kitchens
Kennyís Cajun Cornish Game Hens
With Wild Rice
For Uncle Cyril on my birthday
!8 December 97

What you do, Sash!
Defrost them Game Hen prior to the meal, overnight in them Icebox will usually do it, then Remove them Giblets from inside, save for them dirty rice or Giblet Gravy, for sure.
Next wash them bird inside ní out, check for lung tissue or other not wanted things in the cavity, then:
Dust them bird with Cavendersí Greek Seasonings inside ní out like having licked your finger and stuck it in Maís Sugar bowl, then do it some more..Next dust fairly heavy with the Ground Thyme and put them bird in a pan, with high sides, on a wire rack(soís it donít stick, sash!)and lay them butter alongside.
Bake in them Preheated oven for one hour-fifteen minutes at 325 Degrees, basting every five minutes with them Juices ní butter sauce. The last 15 minutes keep the bird wet with them juice and turn on the Broiler element to brown, when golden brown take them bird out.
Follow them directions on the Wild Rice itís soooo good!
(for the romantic)
Take a small can of Pineapple rings, about three each dish, place on a bed of freshly washed lettuce, mix cream cheese with your favorite fruit in blender, layer the pineapple rings with the mixture, like a cake, fill the center, then add a spritz of Whipped Cream to the top, and place a Cherry on the center, now you got a desert/salad for sure, refrigerate until serving!
Also asparagus is nice on the side of the plate,
Note* For the adventurous, take about a half cup of the juice put them in a skillet, use about 1/3 cup each, White Onion, Celery, Yellow and Red Bell Pepper, 2 peeled tomatoes(from Canned)
dice them up, add them onions to the hot juice, sauteí, then them celery, then them bell peppers, then them tomatoes last, sprinkle a little Granulated Garlic, and add a small can of Pieces ní Stems Mushrooms and simmer......Awe! Man, thatís goooooood!
Bon Appetite!

Preparation Time: 1hr 15 minutes Serves: 2
Recipe Origin: United States
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United States
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