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Molasses Chicken and Rice
Sweet Chicken with a Great Sauce for Rice!
6 skinless bonless chicken thighs or drumsticks meat
1 Medium Onion
1 Tbls. Molasses
2 Tbls. Soysauce
Enough rice for 4 people


Cut the onion in half and then slice 3/4 of it 1/4 inch thick. Mince the other 1/4. Cut the chicken into bite size pieces.

Heat a medium or small pot under medium or high heat and add minced onions. Saute until very slightly browned. Add in this order: 1 Tbls. Soysauce, Chicken, 1 Tbls. Molasses, 1 Tbls. Soysauce, 3/4 Onion. Stir together until chicken is covered with sauce and cover. Cook for about 10 min until chicken is cooked. Stir periodically, the sauce should be boiling almost to the top of the chicken while cooking. Serve over rice.

This is one of my favorite recipes that my mother used to cook for me. I've served it to many of my friends and they've all enjoyed it.

Preparation Time: Serves: 4
Recipe Origin: Vietnam
Submitted by:
Thanh-Danh Ho
United States
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