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Guinea fowl with keffir lime

1 guinea fowl, about 1.5 kg
6 small onions
6 cloves garlic
8 small tomatoes
salt, pepper, oil
A few kaffir lime
An ordinary glass of red wine



Cut, guinea fowl in 8 to 10 pieces
Chop onions
Crush together garlic, salt and pepper
Boil tomatoes and pass through the mill
Grate a small kaffir lime
In very little hot oil, fry the pieces of guinea fowl
Do not let them brown too
Add onions, stir one minute
Add the crushed mixture, stir for another minute
Add tomato mixed, mix well
Add wine, cover with water and cook over medium heat for half an hour
Then add the grated zest. If the sauce seems to you insufficient
it is better to add a little wine instead of water.
Cook for another half hour on medium heat

Bon Appetit!

The kaffir lime, lime funny little deeper to look bumpy and irregular, is undoubtedly one of the stars of the cuisine creole of Reunion island.

If the juice (rare) or the leaves are sometimes used, for example in some rums is above all his zest, grated, which is favored by gourmets. Aroma of rare intensity, with a delicate bitterness, some suitable for both sweet dishes (confectionery ...) to many savory dishes (sauces, meats, fish, samosas, caps and other rougails ...).

The Citrus hystrix botanists is a citrus fruit native to Asia, whose first meetings were imported plants, it seems, Ceylon in the second half of the eighteenth century.

The meeting of the Asian kaffir lime, and the African guinea fowl is one of the successes of the 'nouvelle cuisine' Reunion, and is even today a new classic.

Creole cuisine

Preparation Time: 1H30 Serves: 6
Recipe Origin: United States
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