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Crockpot Chicken & Noodles
1 medium sized whole chicken
1 16 ounce bag wide egg noodles
4 chicken boullion cubes
1 16 ounce carton of chicken broth
salt, pepper


Rinse chicken under cold water, and remove giblets. Place chicken in crockpot. Add large can of chicken broth, boullion cubes and salt/pepper to taste. Cook on low for 8 hours until chicken falls from bone. Remove chicken from crockpot to cool. Meantime, strain the broth using a colander. Pour broth back into crockpot, and add an additional cup of water. Set the crockpot to high heat. Bone & skin chicken and place back in crockpot. Make sure all the skin and yucky stuff is removed! Once chicken and broth are hot (give it about a half hour), add noodles and stir. Cover and let set for 15 minutes. Stir again and enjoy! This is so easy to make, and there's no funky seasoning in it for picky eaters. Just good old fashioned yummyness! This is great served with mashed potatoes for an all-out carb feast.
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Recipe Origin: United States
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T Irving

United States
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