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Veprove, Knedlik A Zeli (Roasted Pork)
Czech Roasted Pork, Dumpling, and Cabbage!
3-4 lbs. pork loin
caraway seeds
Houskove Knedlicky (Bun Dumpling Recipe found in Breads Category)


Select the center cut of pork loin, whole and uncut with bone, well trimmed but with about 1/8 inch of fat covering the meat. Season with salt, pepper, and caraway seeds. Wrap in foil, precook for about 2 hours in 400-430 degree F. oven. (Prepare and cook cabbage and Houskove Knedlicky (Bun Dumplings). Then unwrap from the foil, prick all over, namely fatty portions of the loin. Roast for 30 minutes, adding water and pasting the loin with it and turning every 5 minutes until golden brown or this can be roasted on the spit. Finished meat should be very tender and juicy. From the remaining juices, scoop up fat, add water, cook for 5 minutes making a tasty sauce. Cut the meat, serve with the cooked cabbage, red cabbage, or sauerkraut and the Houskove Knedlicky (Bun Dumplings) with the sauce over.

This is the most popular Czech meal. Click on Eleanor's Kitchen for other great Czechian Recipes!

Preparation Time: Serves:
Recipe Origin: Czech Republic
Submitted by:
Eleanor Schrabal

Czech Republic
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