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Pork Steaks, Smothered Creole-Style
Pork Steaks in Heavy Brown Onion Gravy, Merci!
What you need, Shah!

2-3 pork steaks, not them chops, them cheap things, cut from Pork Butt Roast
Roux: Equal amounts of All-purpose flour N' Bacon Drippin's
1 cup Chablis or Rhine wine
1/4large bell pepper, chopped fine but not them diced
1 large white onion, julienn(White for sweet)
4 chicken bouillon cubes
Lots of Cavender's Greek Seasonings
Lots of Granulated Garlic Powder
Olive oil
1 cup long grained rice, steamed


From The Belile Estate Kitchens
Smothered Pork Steaks

What you do, Shah!
Find you a Dutch oven or a large cast iron skillet, or like me, use a heavy duty Wok. Put them pot over a medium hot fire, put about 5-6 Tbls. them olive oil in there, as it heats, add about 1/2 stick of them butter. While them oil n' butter is heatn', coat them steaks with them Garlic Powder heavy,like sticking your finger into mamma's sugar bowl after licking it. Both sides, now repeat with them Cavenders Greek Seasonings, n' place them in them pot to fry.
Fry until brown on both sides, and remove them steaks to a Plate to drain. Pour off them drippin's (olive oil n' butter) and save. You done heard me right, save 'em, we gonna use them later. Now heat them pot hot almost to smoking,and then pour in them wine to get them rend. Scrape them bottom and get all them flavors, right?
Now add them bouillon and simmer a minute or so to get all them flavors and pour off, n'save. Now add some bacon drippin's n' flour to make them roux, gotta have enough to cover them steaks. Brown them roux dark brown, now add them chopped onion, and sauté' until tender.
Hot damn, almost ready, now add them drippins from them rend (Wine, bouillon, leave 'ens, olive oil n' butter) and enough water to make them gravy slightly runny. Now add them bell peppers, simmer.... Then add them steaks and smother them down to a thick gravy rich n' juicy.
Serve over them rice, with some maybe, English peas, cold sliced beets, a spinach salad, n'don't forget them hot rolls. Man that's sounding good! A little wine or for you prudes, some Sweet Iced tea, and look out stomach ache, its' a coming! for sure!
Bon Appetite!

Preparation Time: 2hrs Serves: 4-6
Recipe Origin: United States
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United States
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