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Hel's Ham and Rice
1 can Hot and Spicy Spam or cubed ham
2 Tbls. Olive Oil
Grated Parmesan
10 oz. Mahatma Spicy Saffron Yellow Rice Mix (or yellow rice with 1 tsp. cayenne)
Original Louisiana Hot Sauce
Fresh Cilantro


Cube the spam and put it in your pan. Add the olive oil and brown the spam on medium high.

Slowly add 3 1/3 cups water to pan. Stir in rice mixture and return to a boil. Cover, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes.

While this is going on you should prepare the cilantro. Its best to seperate the leaves from the stems and discard the stems. This takes awhile as opposed to simply chopping the tops off as a mass, but is worth the effort. I usually add about half of the cilantro during the last five minutes of cooking and add the other half once on the plate to the top.

I also add half of the parmesan with the first half of cilantro.

Last I take the plates and put enough hot sauce to cover most of the surface of the plate. Its really not that much, just a very thin layer. You can spread it by simply rotating the plate around and letting the sauce roll around.

Put the other half of the parmesan onto the hot sauce.

Next fork the rice onto the plate and the rest of the cilantro on top.

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes Serves: 2-4
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
Mark Aaron
United States
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