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BoneSuckinGood Ribs
OOOH AAAH Mouthwatering Smoked Ribs
4 racks Baby Back Pork Ribs
Concentrated Pineapple Juice,
Sea Salt, Paprika
Mesquite Steak Rub from Costco
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce
Vertical rib stand
Aluminum Foil


2 hours prior CAKE the ribs in your favorite rub add extra paprika and ground sea salt.
You will need a side smoker or grill large enough to support indirect grilling not under the meat. Use a newspaper style charcoal starter so NO lighter fluid is used...avoid explosions and aftertaste!
Use name brand coals.
Light an entire load (approx 2 coffee cans worth) in the chimney style starter.
Once lit distribute coals evenly and add a layer of cherry, apple, or hickory wood. Another generous layer of un-started coals...(do not use matchlight style coals) Then add a layer of green alder or other favorite wood.
The wood should be quartered from 6 inch rounds.
In the heat discharge area inside the grill place a full pan of water. Slather the ribs in a 50/50 water-pineapple juice baste. Place ribs on the rack in a vertical rib stand.

Close the lid and at 30, 60, and 90 minutes open and baste the ribs in the pineapple sauce.
If some cook faster rotate them around.
At 120 minutes wrap the ribs in foil and fill the remaining juice in the foil. Maintain your fire with 50/50 coals and wood as needed...usually one reload is sufficient.
Cooking temp 220 deg F + or - 20 deg is ideal. At 240 minutes Slather ribs with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce while leaving the ribs open for 30 more minutes. Close foil for 20 more minutes.
You should have a nice pink smoke ring a quarter of the way into the meat…highly prized by BBQ connoisseurs !
You should make the kind of friends that are around when you have to rent a uhaul!!

Preparation Time: 6.5 hrs Serves: 8
Recipe Origin: United States
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United States
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