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fried okla
fried black eyed pea cakes
1 16 oz bag black eyed peas
4 C flour
2 medium onions or scallions
2 heaping tbls crushed garlic
1/4 cup favorite hot sauce or pureed jalopenos or green chilis
or to taste
tsp baking powder
4 tbls chicken boulion
2 fresh sqeezed limes
salt and pepper to taste


soak blackeyed peas over night
drain and rinse and place in blender with enough water to liquify until smooth.
Poor into a mixing bowl and add minced onions or scallions, garlic,hot sauce or peppers, baking powder, granulated boulion, lime juice,salt and peper to tast and mix
Add flour until bater has the consistancy of pancake bater.
Heat greese of choice in a large frying pan and poor silver dollar size puddles of mixture into the hot greese and brown on both sides.
Serve with rice and hot sauce

Preparation Time: a day ahead Serves: 24
Recipe Origin: Haiti
Submitted by:
Sarah Knowles
United States
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