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Linguine Alfredo
2 pints heavy whipping cream
1 1/2-2 cups parmesean cheese
1 egg yoke
2-3 cloves fresh garlic
2-3 tbs butter
1 box of linguine noodles
1 small head of brocoli or 1/3 bag of baby carrots

optional* 2-3 grilled boneless chicken breasts or 1/3-1/2 lbs of shrimp
1 tbs old bay seasoning
pince of parsely or sage


Prepare chicken or shrimp. Cut brocoli into desired sizes and rinse if using or rinse carrots. Cook chicken or shrimp if you decide to add it to your liking.(The rest of the meal only takes the time it takes to boil brocolli and noodles) Melt butter in saucepan over medium heat. Use garlic press to press cloves and saute garlic in the butter. Once sauted, take off heat and let sit while boiling linguine noodles on high heat in a pot 3/4 full water (add 1 tbs oil to help noodles not stick). You can either add brocoli or carrots with noodles to cook or boil or steam in a seperate pot or saute brocolli or carrots to keep crisp texture. In mixing bowl, add heavy whipping cream and 1 egg separated egg yoke to cream. Use whisk to mix well. Add parmesean cheese and whisk well. Add cream, egg, and cheese to the sauce pan. Place on med-low heat and whisk continually. Add salt, pepper, and more parmesean if necessary, and optional old bay for a cajun/seafood flavor to taste. Once it starts to bubble and thicken take off heat and serve. Add noodles, brocoli/carrots, and meat if you decide to include it on a plate and smoother in alfredo sauce to liking. Add a pinch of parsley or sage for added beauty.
Preparation Time: 10-30mins Serves: 2-3
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
Lance Glassmyer
United States
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