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Italiano Risotto con Gambero
Italian Rice with Shrimp
1 1/2 cups of short-grained Italian-Alborio rice ( let them soak in cold
water while you prepare the other ingredients. It washes them a little and
releases some of the starch.)

6 Tbls. butter
1 small onion finely diced
4 cups of simmering chicken stock
1 cup of dry white wine
2 packages or capsules of saffron
1/2 cup of grated parmagiano cheese
1 lb. cleaned and deveined shrimp


In a sauce pan, put 2 Tbls. of butter and the diced onion and saute until
soft and golden. Add the strained rice and continually stir until the grains
are well coated. Add the wine and stir until it reduces by half.

Add a ladle full of chicken broth at a time slowly while stirring. Take your
time. When there is about a cup or so left of the stock, taste and see how
soft to the tooth the grain is. The risotto should be almost there but not
close to being finished.

As you are stirring, add the shrimp. Add the rest of the stock and stir!
That's the secret! Add the rest of the butter and......stir.

You are going to crown this with saffron. It will turn a beautiful golden
color. This will delight the eye, permeate the nostrils, and get those
glands a salivating! Why, I'm getting hungry just typing this recipe!

Now grate some parmagiano, sprinkle with a pinch or two of fresh chopped
parsley and serve immediately! I mean immediately! This is not a dish you
want to sit around and get cold. Especially after all the stirring you've done!

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Preparation Time: patience Serves: 4
Recipe Origin: Italy
Submitted by:
Kieto Valentino
United States
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