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Creamy Spaghetti Sauce
Turn boring spaghetti sauce into something tasty!
Ground Sausage
1 Large Hunt's Tomato Sauce
Half a stick of butter
1 Half of an onion
3 Small Mushrooms
Black Pepper (grounded)


1. Cook the ground sausage in medium heat until brown.
2. Chop the onion and mushrooms into rough cubes and add them into the skillet.
3. Once the ingredients are cooked, add the contents of the spaghetti sauce into the skillet and wait until it is heated.
4. Once the sauce is finished put the skillet in simmering heat and add the butter into the skillet. If it appears to have some orange color, then you put the right amount. If it is completely orange, you added too much. If it is red, you didn't add enough.
5. Finish off the spaghetti sauce with a pinch of pepper.

Preparation Time: 30 Serves: 3
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
Doir B.
United States
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