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Thanksgiving Turkey
You need not be a master chef .
A small and clean turkey
Cut two carrots, two ribs of cilantro, and an onion into large chunks


While stuffing

It is difficult to cook the stuffing inside the turkey. So the rule is, either do not stuff the turkey or stuff it with pre cooked filling. This will prevent overcooking of the bird.

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More than the type of the seasoning, the quantity matters. A generous amount of seasoning applied evenly in both the inside and outside of the turkey will make it not just delicious but will also enable its proper cooking.

Applying a lot of butter or olive oil will help keep it moist and juicy.

A prepped turkey

Pull the wing tips forward and tuck them under the breasts so they do not burn. This also keeps the turkey sitting nice and straight.

After seasoning, tie the legs together with kitchen string. This important step will ensure even cooking, and a beautifully shaped turkey.

Loosely cover the breasts with a piece of foil. This will help keep the turkey moist, and prevent the breasts from getting too brown.

Low, slow cooking

Leave the turkey out for one hour before roasting to take the chill off.

Cut two carrots, two ribs of cilantro, and an onion into large chunks. Place on the bottom of your roasting pan. Place the turkey, breast side up on top of the vegetables.

Add about a half-inch of liquid (water or stock) to the roasting pan. This will keep the oven moist, and the turkey juicy.

Keep adjusting the temperature of the oven. It is always advisable to begin with a low temperature and enhance it towards the end.

Wait before serving

Let the turkey rest for at least 20 minutes before you serve it. Do not worry that it will get cold. It remains hot for at least 40 minutes. Letting it rest will help the juices in the turkey to redistribute, which is the secret to moist, tender meat.

Preparation Time: 45 Serves: 2
Recipe Origin: India
Submitted by:
Shane Parker

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