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Semifreddo with Ammaretti Cookies
Italian Dessert like Ice cream but Better!
15 eggs seperated
1 lb. sugar plus 1\4 lb. sugar to heat with little water
1 lb.crushed imported ammaretti cookies
1 cup heavy espresso
1\2 gallon heavy cream
1\2 cup water


1. Heat 1\4 lb. sugar with a little water to make a thick syrup. Set aside(warm).

2. Whip yolks and 1 lb.sugar at high speed 10 min. Add espresso and crushed cookies. Mix, set aside.

3. Whip heavy cream, set aside.

4. Whip egg whites and then slowly add sugar syrup while beating at high speed. Fold all ingredients together and add to 40 cups in a tray. Cover with plastic film and then freeze overnight.

Enjoy! Can be used for a ice cream cake dessert too. Liquor may be added.

Preparation Time: 1hr. Serves: 40
Recipe Origin: Italy
Submitted by:
Raymond DiDomizio
United States
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