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Multi mixture sweet
a)Khoya : 400 gm
b)Sugar : 50 gm
c)Almond : 50 gm
d)Coconut : 150 gm
e)Apple : 250 gm
f)Carrot : 250 gm
g) Wheatflour : 100 gm
h) Ghee : 100 gm


Heat the Khoya for 3 minutes.Put ghee in separate pan and then put wheat flour to make it brownand then add sugar to this
Kadu - kas carrot and fry it in ghee.Kadu - kas apple and fry it in ghee.Grind all dry fruits and fry in ghee.

Below put all above layer wise in square tray.

1) Khoya
2) Carrot
3) Wheat flour
4) Apple
5) Dry friuts

Put this in friger and take it out after 1 hr.Befor eating yuo can heat it in oaven for 30 seconds.

Preparation Time: 1.50 Hr Serves:
Recipe Origin: India
Submitted by:
Suman Mandola

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