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Easiest Brownie in a Rice Cooker
A simple brownie recipe made in a rice cooker.
3 Bars of Chocolate
3 Eggs


1) Separate the egg whites and yolks.
2) Fluff the egg whites in one bowl and mix the yolks in the other bowl.
3) Melt the 3 bars of chocolate. (This is done easiest if the chocolate is crumbled or cut up in very tiny pieces.)
4) Pour the fluffed egg whites, yolk and melted chocolate into the rice cooker and mix well.
5) Start the rice cooker. (To check, use a tooth pick, it should come out clean.)

Side Notes: I use a rice cooker in Japan, and I have to cook it twice (about an hour) for it to be done completely. An western rice cooker might be different.
Don't let the fluffed egg whites sit to long, or you will have to re-fluff them.

Preparation Time: 15 Serves: 2-4
Recipe Origin: Japan
Submitted by:
United States
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