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Banana Chimichanga
Delightfully Decadent Dessert
1 burrito size flour tortilla
1/2 banana
2 small handfuls semi-sweet chocolate chips (one 12oz. pkg. makes 8-10 chimis)
2 small handfuls of chopped walnuts (one 2 cup pkg. makes 8-10 chimis)
1 scoop french vanilla ice cream
butterscotch ice cream topping
cinnamon sugar
1 cup cooking oil
small cup of water


Heat oil in small skillet.

While oil is heating:

Quarter banana, slicing lengthwise then in half. Place two banana pieces in the center of tortilla, sprinkle chocolate chips and walnuts atop banana.

Fold ends of tortilla, then moisten sides of tortilla and fold one side over, then roll and press down (making neat little bundle).

Carefully slide tortilla bundle into hot oil, fry approximately 1 minute or until browned, then turn and repeat. Remove from oil and roll in cinnamon sugar.

Drizzle butterscotch topping onto plate in cross hatch or other decorative pattern, set banana chimi atop and add scoop of ice cream and top with another sprinkling of nuts and chips, and drizzle all with more butterscotch.

My sons are allergic to bananas and so for them I substitute 1/4 to 1/2 apple slices for banana and caramel for butterscotch.

Preparation Time: Varies-Approx 5 minutes per. Serves: 1
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
Donna Duncan
United States
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