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Cookie crisp
A children's treat
50g puffed rice cereal
1 bar cooking chocolate
smarties™ or any small candies
1 large bowl (to fit the pot)


fill the pot with water and place the bowl on the top of the pot.Let it heat.

Breakup the chocolate and place it in the bowl.
Keep stiring until the melted chocolate goes smooth.

pour in the puffed rice cereal and mix in until they are completley covered in chocolate.

Take off heat.

take the tube of smarties and mix them in with the mixture.

use a large wooden spoon and spoon out the mixture onto a sheet of greaseproof paper.Flatten and with sugar strands sprinkle a small amount over the mixture.

Once hardned share with the family and enjoy!!!!!!

Preparation Time: 15+ minuites Serves: 5
Recipe Origin: United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
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