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Vegetable Curry
Healthy, delicious, easy.
2 Medium Onions
2 Peppers (Red or Green)
4 Carrots
2 Celery
2 Cloves of Garlic
50g of Mushrooms
3 Tbsp Garam Massala
1 Tbsp Cumin Seeds
1 Tsp Chilli Powder
1x 400g Tinned Chopped Tomatoes
1x 400g Tinned Lentils
1.5 Pints of Chicken/Vegetable Stock
Handful of fresh Corriander
Salt and Pepper


1. Start by chopping up all the veg into rustic size chunks. Finely chop/crush garlic - put all veg to one side.

2. Heat some vegetable oil in a large, non-stick pan/casserole dish, when the oil is hot add the cumin seeds and let them sizzle for a while untill they release their aroma.

3. Now add all the veg and give a jolly good stir. Do not add the garlic at this point.

4. After about 10 minutes the veg should be getting soft - at this point add the garlic and the garam massala and chilli powder -stir very well. The dish will become very dry at this point so its important to keep stiring to cook off the dried spices. When the spices have evenly coated all the veg and it starts to smell nice, add the chicken/veg stock. Next add the tomatoes and lentils.

5. Stir well and cover - simmer for 30 minutes, stirring now and then. After 30 minutes, continue to cook down untill the sauce reduces to your desired consistancy - if you would like to speed this process up, dilute some corn flour in a cup of water and stir into sauce to thicken.

6. Just before serving, check for seasoning and add the chopped fresh corriander. Serve on top of a baked potatoe or with fluffy rice. Mmmmmmmmm.

Note: At any point during the cooking you can add more chilli powder/garam massala to suit your taste.

Preparation Time: 1 Hour Serves: 3/4
Recipe Origin: India
Submitted by:
Simon Lee

United Kingdom
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