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Tip for tastier meatloaf
Tip for tastier meatloaf
A coupe of tips for adding zest to your meatloaf.

1: Add a can of corn to your recipe and top with barbecue sauce instead of ketchup for a southwest meatloaf.

2: Add extra onion and a couple dashes of Italian Spice, and top with canned or jarred spaghetti sauce for an Italian meatloaf.

3: Saute chopped onion and potato and add to meat with regular spices, crackers, and egg, then bake for half an hour or so before topping with ketchup for a filling Man-Meatloaf.

4. Mix filling with only hamburger, egg, minced onion, parsely, saltines, tomato sauce, and pepper. Bake half an hour, top with sauteed onion rings, ketchup, and tomato slices for something a little more gourmet.

These are easy ways to spice up your meatloaf. Not a lot of extra time or money. Some of us understand what it is to live on meatloaf and other lowcost budget foods.

Hope these suggestions help.


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