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Szekely Goulash
750gr. pork shoulder, loin of pork, or pork knuckles
750gr. sauerkraut
2-3 Tbls. oil
2 1/2 dcl (1 cup) water
200ml sour cream


The land of Szekely is in Transylvania. Before the first world war it was a part of Hungary. At the end of the war, Romaine seized it. Today it is still part of Romaine. The Szekely are a Hungarian ethnic group. I know one Szekely man and once I asked him how to cook the Szekely goulash. He did not know what it was! At that time I decided to find out why we call this meal Szekely goulash!

It happened around the year 1846. Sandor Petofi (Hungarian Poet Freedom-fighter)and his friend went into a little pub in Budapest. They wanted to eat something, but the closing time was very close and the owner could not cook them anything. He had run out of the raw materials. He told them he had a small amount of leftover pork goulash and some cooked sauerkraut. Petofi's friend said it was all right, to mix them up together, and heat it up. The taste came out very pleasant. The guy's family name was Szekely. He worked in the National Archives Public Record Office. Next time when Petofi ordered the meal, he asked, 'Can I have a Szekely goulash, please?'

The Meal-
Make the goulash from 750g pork shoulder or loin of pork. In the meantime, wash the same amount of sauerkraut. With your hand push as much water out from the sauerkraut as you can. In another pot, put in a small amount of oil (2-3 Tbls.) and fry the sauerkraut on low heat. Mix it all the time, not letting it over-fry. It should not turn dark brown. After a few minutes of frying, put in a little water (1 cup). Cover the pot and simmer it on low heat until it is not too hard, about 30-45 minutes. It should not be too soft. If it uses all the water, add some more occasionally. When you think all the ingredients are tender, add 200ml sour cream, but be sure the sauerkraut is not watery. Mix them together, with the goulash. Bring to a boil and serve. If it is reheated, it is even tastier!

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Preparation Time: Serves:
Recipe Origin: Hungary
Submitted by:
Janos Fejes
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