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Pull Sugar Taffy
Vinegar and Sugar Taffy
2 Cups White Granular Sugar
1 Cup Cider Vinegar
(butter for hands and platter)


Mix sugar and vinegar in a heavy sauce pan, simmer over med-low heat use a candy thermometer cook to 285 deg (soft crack stage) DO NOT STIR ONCE SUGAR IS DISSOLVED
meanwhile, butter a platter, set aside until candy is cooked, let cool a bit then pour into platter, as soon as you can handle it, butter hands and start around the corners of platter make a ball in your hands begin to pull it will turn white, twist into pretty pieces lay on wax paper, repeat pulling candy and lay on wax paper until all the platter is empty. it will be semi hard candy but dissolve in your mouth it is wonderful I keep mine regrigerated, NOTE: do not make on a wet rainy day. prefer cold dry day

Preparation Time: 15-25 min Serves:
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
North Carolina
United States
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