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Queen Annes Cake
Best cake I've EVER had!
1 box Duncan Hines Cake mix, Chocolate Swiss or Devil's Food
1 box (small) instant vanilla pudding
1 cup vegetable oil
3 eggs
1-1/4 cup milk

1 -8 oz. cream cheese (room temp.)
1 cup Powdered sugar
1 cup granulated sugar
5 plain Hershey bars, shaved
1 cup nuts, finely chopped
1 -12 oz. container Cool Whip


Sift cake and pudding mixes together. In another bowl beat oil, eggs, and milk. Add to dry mixture and beat well. Bake at 325 or 350 degrees F. Makes 3 layers. Refrigerate layers before adding icing, below. (This works well if you cook the layers one day and then ice the cake the next.)

For the icing, beat together cream cheese and sugars until very creamy.(This takes quite a few minutes, perhaps as much as 10 minutes) Fold in Hershey bar pieces and nuts into cream cheese mixture. Fold in Cool Whip.

A friend of mine made this at work and I honestly think it's the best cake I've ever tasted in my life! A must to try.

Preparation Time: approx. 1 hour Serves: 8 - 10
Recipe Origin: United States
Submitted by:
North Carolina
United States
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